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Kerry Thomas: Horse Profiler

kerry thomas

Kerry Thomas is a pioneer of equine athletic psychology and a groundbreaking researcher of behavioral genetics in horses. He created emotional conformation profiles, which measure the mental and emotional capacities of the equine. Horse owners around the world use him to profile and unlock the minds of their horses.

Thomas’ theories on herd dynamics and equine communication have applications on all equine disciplines, in addition to human team communication and performance. His first book “Horse Profiling: The Secret to Motivating Equine Athletes,” is due for release in May.

Thomas made the breakthrough discovery that it was mental/emotional conformation of the horse, and not the physical body, that governed the dynamics of the herds. With an understanding that this was the foundation of the equine world, no matter the breed of horse or career choices we as people make for them, an entire new world became visible.

Focusing on this research, Thomas began to identify ways in which horses could be mentally conditioned toward a given goal. He spent 10 years streamlining his unique system of Emotional Conformation Profiling of equine athletes. In 2008 he officially created his company The Thomas Herding Technique (THT).

Thomas does presentations on communication and herd dynamics for the corporate world and he has developed a reflective learning therapy program, which uses equine communication to help children with mental or physical challenges.

Thomas’ work in the field of equine behavioral genetics has pioneering applications in all the sport horse industries, including Thoroughbred racing and breeding, and dressage. He has designed emotional wellness programs using horses to help special-needs patients, and in he will be working with the Princess Alia Foundation in Amman, Jordan, in that fashion. He also is in the process of creating a TV show based on his work.

“The THT Company Vision is simple: Achieve greatness and make new discoveries that unlock the windows to the invisible that rest within the horse and ourselves. It isn’t the little bit of the known that drives me forward, but rather the limitless and vastness of that which is waiting to be discovered,” said Thomas

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Kerry Thomas/courtesy of THT