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Affliction Holdings, LLC

Imagine the Possibilities

I am an eternal optimist. Let’s get that out of the way at the start. The time is now for the Sport of Kings to reboot, expand efforts in defining its future and capitalize on both traditional and new media to once again be viewed as an easily recognizable brand worthy of investment.

It is my sincere hope that this website can play a role in leading that charge to generate fresh interest in a magnificent sport and business and generate important exchanges of ideas. I don’t want a mere audience for this site. I want to build a community.

For those who will discover the world of horse racing for the first time here, welcome. If the content of this site inspires you to visit a racetrack, see the sights first-hand, take in the sounds, connect with others and place a few bets, even better. You will never forget that first winning wager or the horse and jockey that brought it home for you. I promise you that.

Be curious. Read all you can about the sport and its competitors. There are many fascinating stories in this business, colorful personalities, and a plethora of resources that help bring them to life. Check out some of the destinations that can help you on your sojourn on my links page. Click here.

For those that have already committed to the journey, I hope this site serves as a reminder of the promising visions we all entertained at some point that led us to take our initial wobbly steps in the Thoroughbred business. Together, we can introduce the world of horse racing to a new generation of enthusiasts, one at a time if need be.

With the proper experiences and thorough understanding of the business, new fans can become devotees that will one day have the opportunity to share our collective passion with others.

One more thing: the site has received a fairly large number of visits from horsemen and women from other countries. To make the site easier to navigate and understand for our international friends, a translation toolbar has been added on the home page. If you have friends or family who enjoy horse racing but aren’t fluent in English, please share the site with them as the translate bar will instantly transfer the copy in its entirety to the language selected.

We all have stories of what it was that first attracted us to horse racing. Do you want to share yours? I invite you to send me your story for possible publication on this site in the near future. To contact me, click here. I will follow up with every submission.

  • Troy

    Keep up the Great Work. Your passion is a gift!!!

  • Banamine

    thanks for the great article if I didn’t already love horseracing, I’d be tempted by reading your article to see what it was about, 

  • darlene.sanner

    can’t wait to read more your love of the sport shines thru in your words

  • Mel

    The essence of what I have been trying to do all my life, I loved the statements ‘ I don’t want a mere audience for this site. I want to build a community.’ Reminds of the time when I would introduced a new fan, then one day I couldn’t go to the track, but guess what, he was able to go…how infuriating that was…lol